The Writer’s Paradox

Writing is like painting. Your paint is the alphabet and as you blend and brush those letters together, you create images and feelings in the canvas of your readers’ mind. Some painters work from memory, some from reality, others, from the absolute abstraction of a fictional world, but usually, each one chooses a single perspective to portray their vision of life.

Writers, on the other hand, work from many perspectives.Sometimes they draw from their own personal experiences. Alternatively, they get their inspiration from other people’s stories and commandeer their minds souls for a time, while they write their story. But they also craft tales straight from pure imagination; tales unrelated to anything or anyone currently existing within the space-time fabric of past or present lives.

That’s the beauty of writing.You have no limits.You can craft full truths, full fiction, half-truths, unquestionable realities and complete fibs and you are the only one who knows what is what. The beauty of writing lays in the power it gives you to leave your readers wondering whether your tale happened in real life or in your imagination alone.

The Tales

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